Video Ambush

MPEG2 encoder, media converter and player for Mac OSX.

Convert movies, DVD and Blu-Ray discs to Mac native and Pro formats, iDevices compatible format,
DivX, MKV, encode to MPEG2, make DVD, play media files and a lot more.

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After eleven years of existance among top notch video toolboxes, MPEG2 Works matured and time came for the total overhauling and refreshing, so Video Ambush is born. Packed with more options than ever in a beautiful, modern user interface, the next evolution of M2W is at hand.

Convert your media - video and audio files, DVD and Blu-Ray discs - to iDevices compatible movies, video for web, HEVC /H.265/, H.264, MP4, DivX, MKV, x264, MPEG2, DVD, HD DVD and all available standard and pro Quick Time formats using the Apple Quick Time technology for maximum compatibility. Encode to MPEG2, make the DVD with stylish built-in menus, burn it on a blank DVD media and much more. This is the ultimate tool for beginners just learning and for professionals who need one tool that does it all with minimal expense.

All Mac native Apple QuickTime standard and PRO formats output.

Web video output /YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc./.

All iPhone, iPad and Apple TV output available with auto-importing to iTunes and metadata tagging.

Make and author DVD's with stylish DVD themes.

Lot of essential video and audio tools.

Built-in media player.

Requirements: Intel Mac, Mac OSX 10.6 or later, 25$ shareware.

Pro QuickTime formats exporting

Convert your media to standard and pro QuickTime formats like Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec /AIC/, DVCPRO HD, HDV, XDCAM, Uncompressed 4:2:2, Avid, Blackmagic design and AJA formats. /Similar to Apple Compressor application, except Video Ambush can load and decode a lot more video media formats like DVD and Blu-Ray folders, AVCHD MTS, M2TS, M2T, VOB, WMV, MKV, AVI, Sony XAVC /HD, 2K, 4K/, XDCAM, Lorex, Go2Meeting, Google VP9, and almost every other format or video container existing including 2K and 4K videos/.

Video Ambush, unlike most of the other converters, uses the official Apple, Avid, Black magic and other codecs built exclusevely for QuickTime to allow importing and keep the full compatibility with Mac OS standard - iMovie, iTunes, QuickTime - and Pro video applications like Final Cut Pro, and to avoid compatibility issues and retain best possible video quality thanks to great QuickTime technology.

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Essential video & audio tools

Essential audio and video tools like audio conversion option for converting your audio tracks to MP2, MP3, MP4, AAC, AIFF and WAV format, adding video or audio tracks to your movies, transcoding MKV to Quick Time MP4 and AVCHD to MOV without reconversion for later importing in iMovie, Final Cut Pro or playback with Quick Time X and latest iDevices, etc...

Convert your GoToMeetings WMV recordings to Mac native MOV file for later playback, storing or importing into iTunes and syncing with iPhone or iPad, make burnable DVD image out of your VIDEO_TS folder and burn it onto blank DVD media, extract the desired Title/Chapter(s) from DVD into original MPEG2 format /.mpg/ and a lot more...

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  • If you do any kind of video on your Mac, and lets face it, who doesn't, you will need this application. Pretty much converts anything to anything as far as video codecs go. It's shareware so the most you will spend on it is $25. With all the digital cameras out there taking movies now, apps like this one are an essential part of your toolbox.

    - Al Luckow, New Media Architect, GeekSpeak Co-host and webmaster of -


Do you shoot multiple videos on any given day? Video Ambush wants them all. Put the clips in one folder, then load all the clips at once, click start, and walk away. It's that simple. You've got other things to do. Video Ambush frees up the time to do it.

SD MPEG2 Encoding

Make a DVD or convert a Blu-Ray disc to a DVD with a single click! Encode your input files to standard definition (SD - DVD compatible), MPEG2 format with ease.

HD MPEG2 Encoding

Encode your HD movies to high quality HD MPEG2 format. Later, use DVD Studio pro for HD DVD authoring or some other software for Blu-Ray authoring and burning.

Media Conversion

Convert videos to native Mac formats. Presets includes all iDevices, web video, H.265, H.264, MP4, DivX, MKV, x264, DVD and QuickTime standard and Pro format choosing.

DVD authoring

Author your encoded MPEG2 files with stylish DVD menu themes, make burnable DVD image and burn it on a blank DVD media for later playback on the external DVD players.

Media player

Built-in custom build of MPlayer to play your media - movie files and un-protected DVD and Blu-Ray discs - in full resolution with on-screen menu, subtitles support, live video filters, custom selection of audio and video tracks and more. Play virtually every media format existing in a window or at full screen.

Batch processing

Use Queue or Quick queue option for a multiple files adding and processing. Load file, set desired options, add to queue and thats it. Repeat for every desired file and just click start. Or use convinient Quick queue option for loading a bunch of files all at once and converting to preselected output format.

Pro QuickTime formats exporting

Video Ambush, unlike most of the other converters, uses the official Apple, Avid, Black magic and other codecs built exclusevely for QuickTime to keep the full compatibility with Mac OS video applications and iDevices /Apple ProRes, AIC, Avid, Blackmagic design and AJA formats/.

Full subtitles support

Load or use files internal subtitle during re-conversion. All major subtitle formats and languages are supported.

Audio extraction

Extract audio tracks from file, DVD or Blu-Ray discs for later editing, or re-convert to AAC stereo or surround 5:1 format.

IMDB Metadata

DId you ever wish that when you converted a movie, it would have all the IMDB metadata (The cover, date of release, etc.) in the file? Video Ambush automatically looks up your title and adds this information when the video is added to iTunes.

  • I have to say that your software is fantastic. I have been using it to prototype all these different formats and then we try to re-create the results in the Production systems, where we are using Procoder and/or FlipFactory on a big server. Invariably you give me a better result than they can get without a lot of bother.

    - Chris Bunnett, Adam&EveDDB -


Application screens with the brief info. Check more snaps on Video Ambush Facebook page.


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Video Ambush is developed by Tosha Serbian, video and film specialist with 25+ years in movies business, Apple Macintosh guru, and independent Mac OS X shareware developer since 2003.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing, help, film and video processing in general or you just want to send me a friendly note, please use this form.