Batch (multiple) files processing

Use Queue option for a multiple files processing. Load file, set desired options, Add to queue and thats it. Repeat for every desired file, click Show queue to open the Converion queue panel and just click Start.

Quick queue /Add multiple files [folder with movie files within] to batch processing queue with a single click/

First, set the Output format and, optionally, fine-tune the Conversion settings. Click Quick queue button and select a folder with movie files you wish to convert to the format you have set. All files will be added automatically and Conversion queue will be shown to start the batch processing.

Repeat for every folder with movie files within you wish to add quickly - close Conversion queue window, set output format, click Quick queue and add a new folder with the movie files within /note that you can set different output format for every folder/. Just remember to set output format /and other conversion options if you wish/ BEFORE you click Quick queue button for adding the folder with movie files.

Upon clicking the Start button, dialog will pop-up asking you to select what will happen at the end of the processing. You have 3 choices: to put your Mac to sleep, to shut it down or do nothing. Do nothing (No) is the default option and if you do not make selection, dialog will be dismissed in 45 seconds and processing will start.

When batch processing starts, you will notice that Clear button changes to Stop. Use that button to stop (cancel) the current file processing. File will be tagged as Canceled as it shown on the image below. Also, Close button is disabled to avoid possible errors on closing the panel in the middle of processing. Every finished file will be tagged as FInished. Below the progress bar you can see the current file in process, how many frames/seconds/percentage has been done and the file name.

Use Clear button to remove desired file from the Conversion Queue list. First, select the file and then just click Clear. File will be removed and wont be processed.
With Start button you are starting the conversion/encoding process. Files added to Conversion Queue will be processed one by one, from the top, until the last one finishes. Every finished file will be tagged with Finish text so you can monitor the processing.
Close button is for closing the Conversion Queue panel.

At the end of the processing Conversion Queue list will be cleared, panel will close and you will be presented with Complete panel with the info on total processing time. If you selected to put your Mac to sleep or to shut it down at the end of processing, that will be done.